NOS Brimar CV4004/ECC83/12AX7

SKU: Brimar CV4004
Brimar CV492 CV4004 ECC83
Brimar CV492 CV4004 ECC83

*** ALL BUT THE GRADE 2 (higher than average microphonics) specimens of these are sold out. Here's the same tube that arrived in bulk packaging, and with a different CV number.


We're lucky to have found more of these super cool British Military tubes. NOS in original white military boxes. "Box Plates" version. Comes with it's own cool pin protector (just pull it off with your fingers!)

I love these in my early '70s Marshall 50 watt head. Great choice for ALL vintage and vintage style guitar amps and audiophile equipment. Very similar in tone to Mullard CV4004s but much lower in microphonics.

"These sound awesome in my new Judybox amp" David Torn

"FYI, the Brimar CV4004 from the first order is in V1 of a Dr. Z 6545 (the "SRZ65 channel). It made a HUGE improvement! Now I'd like another one for my Victoria Vibrolux. Thanks again." Terry Guder "No doubt about those Brimars, they are the most awesome sounding 12AX7s I have ever gotten hold of for these Marshalls. Thanks." Lee Adams.

Mike-I received a pair of NOS Brimar CV4004/12AX7s from you today and I just installed one into the V1 slot of my Orange AD30R. In a word..Wow! These tubes are perfect for this amp. Orange amps tend to be dark sounding beasts and the Brimars made the amp brighter and nastier. Exactly what I was hoping for out of these tubes. I would highly recommend the Brimars for any of the new or even vintage Orange amplifiers. They are a perfect match. Thanks again!

C. Charles

Mike,Tube has arrived yesterday. I am very happy with it. It replaced the RCA '50s blackplate from the V1 position. Moved the RCA to V2. I bought it only to give it a try - I was happy with the Blackplate already. This Brimar CV4004 is really smooth(er), and what I noticed as a bonus here - my Budda Wah likes it a lot. This is the best tube I tried so far! Better than (same grade) Mullard to my ears, simply because it is brighter and yet, just as smooth. It keeps the Traynor YCV40 clean channel in the Fender (clean) zone, with nicer mids and presence, and smoother in general when switched to the distortion channel (when compared to the RCA)... Hard to explain sound sometimes, and even harder to compare two great tubes of all times, but this is the winner! They are pricey pieces, however, I will probably contact you soon for the another (spare) one. Just because "life is too short for a bad tone"... Thanks for your great service!


Mike: I got the Brimar 12ax7.   My initial impression is that it rocks!   Seems louder with more girth in the midrange; just better sounding in the midrange.  It's in a Kingsley Deluxe 30, which is a 30 watt cathode biased amp.  I might try another Brimar in V2 at some point. Do you have any recommendations for the PI?

Bill Stetter

Hi Mike: Just thought I would drop you a line - I told you how much of an improvement the Mullard EL84's made in my Savage Rohr 15.  Tonight I pulled the JJ 12AX7's it ships with out and replaced them with a pair of Brimar CV4004's that I got from you.  First of all the sound is greatly improved.  More dynamic, more complex harmonics and all the things you would think a better input tube would do.  It perhaps mellowed the tone out a little, which is subjective but something I like, at least in this amp. It's like there is less noise in the top end but more tone if that makes sense.  The clean sound is incredible.  The thing that really surprised me is the noise floor.  A LOT of noise that I attributed to the amp, grounding issues, pedals, etc. simply went away.  I was shocked.  At a given volume level the hum/garbage was reduced by at least 75%.  Obviously this makes a huge difference when overdriven as well because you are hearing multiples of that reduction in noise.  At any rate, money well spent.  A less than $200.00 investment makes 

Mike: The Brimar sounds really good in this amp (Fuchs ODS100). Very smooth in V2 (the overdrive part of the circuit). David M

Price: $95.00