NOS Brimar/STC 6V6GT (Single, Pair)

SKU: brimar 6V6GT

The Brits are long known for producing excellent quality and fine sounding tubes. The tone these produce has been compared to that of the 50's black plate RCA's. Brown or black bases with black glass. Some labeled STC.

These sound awesome in my Princeton Reverb and Deluxe Reverb and are my new favorites.Nice creamy and fat overdriven tone. Tight bass and smooth top end. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! After having tested hundreds of 6V6GTs, I've reached the conclusion that Brimars are the most consistantly reliable and noise/microphonic free of the bunch.

"Hello Mike,I just received my 6v6 (RCA) blackplates and the Brimars that you matched for my PR. I really like the Brimars. It has the richness of the RCAs plus a bit of strident edge to it. I almost like them a little more than the RCAs! Thanks. Stan"

Price: $65.00