NOS Marconi 6V6G (Singles and Pairs)

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Marconi 6V6G

Original and white boxes.Various boxes and labels including Marconi, Westinghouse, GE, etc.

These have an amazingly low reject rate during burn-in and sound AWESOME in Deluxes, Deluxe Reverbs, Princetons, etc. Plate structure and material is identical to RCA blackplates. Nice low end and silky smooth high end. Very warm, thick and FAT sounding. Some customers say these are very similar in tone the RCA blackplates, some like them even better. The "G" suffix means that the glass is "Coke Bottle" shaped (ST shape). Some are labeled Westinhouse, GE, Marconi, Sylvania, etc. They're all identical and made by "The Canadian GE Corporation". Grab these while they last.

NOTE: These are taller than standard 6V6GTs (3-7/8" from the bottom of the base to the top of the bottle) so be sure that you have enough clearance between your chassis and speaker bell. The Mission Amps 5E3 cone does not have enough room for these.

"I just picked up a gorgeous sounding tweed-deluxe clone that had EH's in it; I swapped for my Marconi's and the difference was quite astounding. So I thought I'd get some backup Marconi's unless you have any other recommendation -thanks, Allen" No other recommendation for a Tweed clone Allen. "BTW, those Westinghouse/Marconi 6V6G's I got from you 2 years ago are still as sweet as the day I installed them. Thanx again buddy. Bill"

"The Marconi 6V6Gs are truly superlative as well and I'm gonna recommend 'em to my friend who has a SF Deluxe unless you have any other opinion as to a good choice.. Chris J"

"Hello Mike, Just wanted to let you know that the tubes arrived safe. The Marconi power tubes sound fantastic in my Victoria deluxe. Thanks for getting them off to me so quickly. Terry Atwood"

>"Hi Mike: These Marconi 6V6gs are great! They're extremely lush and thick, great for solo chord melodies, especially with humbuckers, love good spring tank reverb. The JJ 6V6s are a good everyday 6V6 if you don't want to spend the few extra $$, but sound a bit thin and unemotional once you've been NOS. John Bumgarner"

"The NOS Marconi's are KILLER! Very warm when overdriven through my dimed Savage Macht 12. I like them much more than the Mazda 6v6's! Thanks, Paul"

"I received the Marconi 6v6G's yesterday and installed them in my '64 Transitional Princeton (6G2), replacing the original, tired, RCA Blackplates. The difference was amazing. It was like breathing new life into the amp. The tone is to die for! Please send another pair. Thanks, Rick."

Hi Mike, just a note to let you know that I got the shipment of matched Marconi 6V6 tubes. I put them in my Allen Hot Fudge amp, and man do they sound delicious! Really nice definition, and unbelievably sweet distortion. Bravo! Dave Rainey

I just got a set for my Clark Deluxe from THIS is what the amp sounds like.

Thanks Mike, Been enjoying all the tubes you've provided. Getting amazing results in several amps with these. The Marconi 6v6g's are crazy good in the Regal II. Thanks again, Martin

This is the second set of these tubes that I've purchased. These 6V6Gs turn my DRRI into the best clean amp I've ever played through by a mile, including my blackface Twin Reverb and a Dumble. The feel and clarity (I mean crystal clear) is spectacular and wipes the floor with the stock 6V6GT Groove Tubes power tubes that came with the amp. I wouldn't use any other tubes unless I absolutely had to. Glad I got some before you ran out, thanks Mike! -Tom

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Select Matched Pair for amps that use 2 of these tubes and Matched Quartet for amps that use 4