NOS Mullard 5AR4-GZ34 Relabeled

SKU: mul rel 5ar4
Mullard GZ34 5AR4

The following are all manufactured by the Mullard tube company in England. Labeled and boxed as GE, RCA, Sylvania, etc. All (except for the earlier production Large Base version) are IDENTICAL. All bear the famous "center hole in the guidepin", same production codes, and exceptional Mullard quality which is second to none. These typically last decades as compared with modern production GZ34/5AR4s which last hours to a couple of years (if you're lucky).

Mike, Everything you've sent me has been perfect. That mullard gz34 sounds great in my BF Super reverb. I've had people tell me that rectifier tubes don't make a difference in the sound and now I have proof that it does! (I knew they were smokin' crack all along anyways!) Can't wait to get this other one in my deluxe reverb. Thanks for bein' here!----Rob McNelley

Price: $275.00