NOS RCA 5751 Blackplate

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RCA 5751 Blackplate

NOS in original  boxes.

"Hi Mike: I got the RCA 5751 you sent me in the mail on Saturday. The improvement in tone (over a 12-AX7) was amazing. It gives my strat loads of texture when played clean, and the 335 is sounding great, even at high volumes (Super Reverb Reissue). Thanks, Kurt E."

Mr. Kropotkin, I just received the RCA 5751 tube in the mail, popped it into my amp, and let me say that it's the greatest thing I've ever heard. The tone is absolutely amazing. I play a Strat into a Deluxe Reverb and the tone is full and clean. I'm a huge Stevie Ray Vaughan fan and this tube is a major major part of the SRV tone. There's a TON of headroom and the perfect level of drive when I crank it up. Sounds perfect on all settings. I almost lost it when I fired up the amp for the first time with this new tube. Thanks so much. I'm going to refer all my guitar friends to your site to buy tubes and I'll be buying from you again in the future. Thanks again. -Tom Maxwell

Mike I got your name from Myles's on the Dr Z forum. He's the one that recommended the NOS RCA 5751 for the V2 in my Carmen Ghia. Wow, I have never changed one tube that made such a big positive change in any of my Amps. I bought my Ghia new about two months ago and am now changing out the stock tubes. Thanks, Russ

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