NOS Tesla EF806S (NOT JJ!) High Grade EF86

SKU: Tesla EF806S
NOS Tesla EF806S

High grade EF86. Original and white boxes. Great in Dr Z's, Matchless, Voxes and any guitar amp that uses an EF86. Great tone!

Hi Mike, just got the tube... just in time! Have to leave for my gig in an hour... Well, what a difference... it is not just in the tone, but in volume... the amp almost knocked me over when I turned it on as the volume with the new tube is so much greater, and with much more tone.... I had been using my BJFe Honey Bee all the time for the tone, but now, with the new tube, it will be off a lot of the time as the pure sound of the amp is better.... really dynamic overdrive, beautiful cleans with a perfect dirt accent, and my volume control on my guitar in more sensitive. This is what you intended! I thought I loved the tone of my amp before, but having only had dying EF86s, now I love the tone that much more.

Mike, the NOS tesla EF806 you sent sounds fantastic. Thank you. rob

Mike: I plugged the Tesla EF806S into a homebrew Route 66 and turned it on and OH MY GOODNESS was there a sonic difference. Major volume increase, notes were much bigger and more complex w/ lots of harmonic content but still maintaining a lot of air and space- just a mind-blowing improvement. The JJ sounded emaciated in comparison. Thanks and Kudos! Rob McRae

Hey Mike, I received the Tesla EF-806S on Thursday and just got the chance to switch it in about 2 hours is all I have to say. The =c= EF-86 that shipped with my amp was obviously not in good shape and the Tesla has completely revived the pre amp. The fizzy bees in a can overdrive I was getting is completely gone and it just sounds huge, open and so harmonically rich. Thanks for the great recommendation! How many more do you have in stock? I really love the sound so much I might stock up since good EF-86 are notoriously hard to come by. Thanks again, Dave

Hi Mike, this was a GREAT recommendation for my Bad Cat. it really sounds so much better. Thank you! Steve

Price: $60.00