NOS Tesla EL34 (Singles/Pairs) (Not JJ!)

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Tesla EL34
Tesla EL34

One matched pair in stock! These are just within 3mA matching.

BACK IN STOCK! One of the best deals in great sounding NOS EL34s. Very similar in tone to Mullards at less than half the price. Arrived in 50pc bulk packaging and will be sold in white boxes.White label version are later tubes ca late 1970s, yellow label version are earlier, ca lat 1960's-1970.

"Hi Mike: I put the tubes and biased them up (around 33ma) in my Top Hat Emplexador (Plexi semi clone). They sound really nice, added some thickness to the lower-mid with a nice bite on top. Bill Hughes"

Mike, Received the Tesla EL34s and the RFT ECC83s. Installed in my stock '74 Marshall 1987 and wow!! The Teslas are awesome:) Throw in the RFT (12AX7s)  and the amp sounds amazing! I'm ordering another set of Teslas for my 1987 reissue:) Thanks! Bob



Price: $80.00
Select Matched Pair for amps that use 2 of these tubes and Matched Quartet for amps that use 4