NOS Tungsram EL84 (Singles, Pairs)

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Tungsram EL84

Made in Hungary. Various markings including EI (from bulk packaging, in white boxes), Raytheon, etc.

AWESOME European EL84. Fantastic in Vox AC10, AC15, AC30, clones, Dr Z, Matchless, Badcat or any EL84 guitar amp.

The closest possible tone to NOS Mullards at less than half the price. 

Awesome tone as reported by Terry Buddingh, Guitar Player Magazine writer and tube expert. "The Tungsram EL84 gave a more aggressive hard rosk sound and somewhat more growling, mean presentation than the Amperexes. Harmonically rich with a nice HARD ROCK sound." VERY RARE and DESIREABLE EL84.

Please read this if you have a modern amp

Hi Mike. I really love the Tungsram EL84 tubes. I noticed that they added a silkiness to my tone that I am very happy with. Thanks. Jason

Mike: ... Now about these Tungsram EL84s… Holy Heck bro, you have just ruined every other EL84 for me, another order forthcoming. :-) Best, Jeff T.

Mike, I am using these in a Vox AC30HW2. Much more clarity and harmonic content over JJ's. I put the JJ's back in and they were much duller. Sounded like a blanket over the amp. Gary

Hi Mike, Thanks for everything. This was my first time buying NOS tubes. I'm a believer, how can you not. I started with a great amp and now I have a world class studio amp. Im going to change out ALL my glass....but right now I can't quit playing my Hand wired vox ac15HWTV. The sound is like ear candy, its hard to stop playing. Changes the whole amp into some tone just have to have. Played till mid night... Tim

Mike, Just wanted to drop a line on my impressions of the tubes (Vox AC30 CC2). Boom!! I was expecting an improvement to the tone buy holy smokes! All of a sudden I have a snarling beast on my hands! More definition in the notes and noticeably more low end (the good kind). The other guitar player in my band was bowled over as well. Many, many thanks for the suggestion I would expect another order to come your way soon! Sincerely, a very satisfied customer. Steve H.

Hey Mike, Man these things are great! Really brought the tone back to my Matchless Lightning. Very well balanced EQ and really musical. Sounds great cranked also! Most tubes get farty with this amp when you push em hard. Thanks for the recommendation! Kevin

Mike hello from Greece! I'd like to thank for sending the tubes so fast! From Monday to Monday they flew over Atlantic and came to Greece. We have ordered them with my sound engineer John Koutsouflakis from Lighthouse studio, Athens, Greece. The amp (Blues Jr III) now just cuts through the mix!!! Stunning el84Tungsrams and Mullard cv4024 for PI position. Wonderful harmonics and presence! Excellent service AAA+ Best regards, Emmanuel

I put the Tungsgram power tubes in my Mesa Lone Star Special and totally love them. Everything I liked about this amp just got a little bit sweeter. Thanks for your help.

Hi Mike. Got my tungsram el84 in my Vox ac4tv. Man, its like I threw my amp out and set a new amp in its place. Mike I read that amps are built around new production tubes so I was hesitant go nos, you know, extra cost and all.

Quality is just quality. I had a reissue mullard in there I thought was good.

WOW! Chords are pristine with this tungsram, balanced and even. Lead notes are separated with not a bunch of noise in between notes. Its hard to explain. Im spending less effort trying to keep things under control, you know, bunch of hand muting. Mike, I'm hyped. This is fun again. I'm going nos, for sure. Oh, got my refund on the second shipping. Thanks Mike

Price: $45.00
Select Matched Pair for amps that use 2 of these tubes and Matched Quartet for amps that use 4