NOS Reflektor 6n14n (aka 6p14p) Russian EL84/7189A Equivalent

SKU: 6n14n
Reflektor 6n14n 6p14p
Reflektor 6n14n 6p14p
Reflektor 6n14n 6p14p

As used by Dr Z in his EL84 amps. Very durable, great tone, long life (3000 hours compared to a  100s of hours for new production EL84s). 1980s date codes.

Received in bulk packaging and shipped in white boxes.

Limited supply.

  I purchased a matched set of Reflector 6n14n 1mA for my Dr. Z M12 to replace the EH - EL84 and I must say it transformed the sound of my amp.  It pushed up the mid's to the point where my Clapton Strat sounds as good as my PRS Custom 22.  I had not played my Strat with this amp for a few years because it sounded too thin.  Also put a Mullard Reissue CV4004 to replace the EH 12AX7 that was in the V2 slot and that tightened up the low end.  

Thanks for support Mike!



Price: $20.00
Select Matched Pair for amps that use 2 of these tubes and Matched Quartet for amps that use 4