NOS Reflektor 6n14n (aka 6p14p) Russian EL84/7189A Equivalent

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Reflektor 6n14n 6p14p
Reflektor 6n14n 6p14p
Reflektor 6n14n 6p14p

As used by Dr Z in his EL84 amps. Very durable, great tone, long life (3000 hours compared to a  100s of hours for new production EL84s). 1980s date codes.

Received in bulk packaging and shipped in white boxes.

Limited supply.

  I purchased a matched set of Reflector 6n14n 1mA for my Dr. Z M12 to replace the EH - EL84 and I must say it transformed the sound of my amp.  It pushed up the mid's to the point where my Clapton Strat sounds as good as my PRS Custom 22.  I had not played my Strat with this amp for a few years because it sounded too thin.  Also put a Mullard Reissue CV4004 to replace the EH 12AX7 that was in the V2 slot and that tightened up the low end.  

Thanks for support Mike!J


Just got my 6n14n pair for my MAZ 18. They replaced JJ el84s. Sound great. Much smoother tone. Less brittleness but still retains that DR Z chime. Sustain is excellent. Very low noise floor, basically noiseless.

Thanks for a great product.


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Select Matched Pair for amps that use 2 of these tubes and Matched Quartet for amps that use 4