NOS Brimar CV492 (12AX7 ECC83 CV4004)

SKU: brimar cv492
Brimar CV492 CV4004 ECC83
Brimar CV492 CV4004 ECC83
Brimar CV492 CV4004 ECC83

NOS 1962 vintage Brimar CV492. Same as 12AX7, ECC83 and CV4004. British ilitary tube received in bulk packaging as shown. Sold in white boxes.

Fantastic guitar tone. Extra special in Marshalls and Voxes and reproductions.


These are amazing! Ordered more already! SUPER present mids, while still sounding very open and clear. Zero harshness!


Hi Mike,

 The Brimar CV492 which I recently ordered is an excellent V1 tube for my
 Fender Eric Clapton Tremolux.  It has added the brightness the amp
 needed,  while keeping the treble clarity without harshness. I can now use the
 built in power attenuator without losing  the high end. This in combination
 with NOS Sylvania 6V6GT and NOS Sylvania 5Y3 which I got from you a couple of
 years ago provides excellent tone with Strat Texas Specials, stock 2011
AM STD tele, TV Jones Classic's, Tim Shaw GIbson PAF and Gibson 490R/T. I'm
sure many other pickups will sound great as well.

Price: $95.00