NOS Reflektor 6n14n-EB Russian EL84/7189A Equivalent

SKU: reflektor 6n14n-eb
Fender Pro Junior, Fender, Blues Jr, reflektor 6n14n-eb, VoxAC15,  Vox AC30, Matchless DC30

They're Back! Direct from the motherland! 

NOS in original and white boxes. Super Premium military version. High voltage handling, long life, drop in replacement for EL84s and 7189As.

Limited Supply!

Hi Mike, great tubes! I was thinking about selling my Voxy amp until I tried them out. They are way more musical sounding than the crappy stock ones. Amp sound killer now. Thank you! Clint

Mike: The tubes came today. I threw them in the amp and they sound glorious in my Orange Tiny Terror hand wired. Thanks, Lang

Hi Mike,

Well, I tried these no name nos Ruskie EL84's in my '64 Vox ac30 (just normal channel) last night. All I can say right now is - UNBELIEVABLE! - more later.



Price: $40.00
Select Matched Pair for amps that use 2 of these tubes and Matched Quartet for amps that use 4