Balanced Audio Technology
Synergistic Research Acoustic Systems at Scott Walker Audio


Camping and Survival



Wooden Wizard Guitars

Guitar Accessories

Cool tube based guitar effects!

Jet Slide

Guitar Amp Kits

Guytronix Vacuum Tube Amplifier Kits
No clones here. Unique tone machines designed by Gary Gerhart

Guitar Amp Repair

Aeriel Amplification (Australia)

Viking Amplifiers (Virginia USA)

Guitar Amp Stuff

How to bias a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe or Deville

Scumback Speakers

Tonequest Report
This site is a MUST for guitar player/tone sluts. Great articles on guitars, amps, tubes (by yours truly) and all aspects of achieving nirvana in guitar tone. Check out the premier issue on line and ask David for a free copy. Don't forget to tell him I sent ya!

Weber VST Speakers, amp parts, bias probes
Manufacturers of vintage style loudspeakers and other products for the vintage equipment enthusiast. Great guitar/amp/tube discussion boards too! Good source for BIAS PROBES.

Guitar Amps

Peden's Vintage

Viking Amplifiers
Very nice guitar amps. Original designs, no clones or kit amps. Check out the Pillager. Smokin' amp with the best overdrive channel I've heard. Here's a review

Guitar/Amp Forums

Fender Forum
Forum for the discussion of anything to do with Fender guitars and amps. Great technical discussions on Fender amps.

The Gear Page
If you're a guitar/amp/tone freak, this board is for you!

Unofficial Univalve Page
Great resource for THD amp users. Lots of tube reviews and discussions.

Tube FAQ

Justin Holton Vacuum Tube FAQ
Great reading for the tube enthusiast!

Tubes 101: What Every Guitar Player Should Know About NOS Tubes
Tonequest article by yours truly about tubes. It's a bit dated (especially the prices)but very relevant as a primer on amplifier tubes.