NOS Tungsram EF86

Price: $48.00
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NOS labeled and boxed as Telefunken. Great sounding tube for Matchless, Bad Cat, Dr Z, Vox or any guitar amp application. These have very good microphonic performance but "Lowest Microphonics" version is recommended for combo amps.

NOS Mullard EF86 Long Mesh Plate

Price: $90.00
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I believe this is the earliest version of the Mullard. VERY cool tone in every way. Hi Mike, The Mullard long mesh plate came.... the best of all of them... sounds absolutely fantastic, great OD, great headroom too.... I want to work on stocking up on these, what is your stock like on the Mullard Long Mesh plate EF86s... I love this tube so much I want to save up and get another as soon as I can, and work toward more over time.... I am also going to send an email to Mike Koski at Xits with a link to this tube and let him know about the sound...