NOS Hytron 6V6GT/Y (Singles only)

SKU: Hytron 6V6

These rank right up there with the higher priced 6V6GTs! Smooth creamy overdrive when pushed. Another 6V6 sleeper. One matched pair, labeled RSD.

"These have the smoothest breakup of any 6V6GT I've tried. Rick Richardson"

Mike -

The 6V6's arrived, and I've got to tell you, those Hytron's are so close to the RCA's in my '73 DR, I left them in and put the RCA's away. At the rate tubes are going up, those RCA's might be worth something someday!

The highs seemed to ring through with the GE's more than the Hytron's. I think that could be easily tamed. I'm going to try them in my Princeton Reverb. I'm thinking about building a 1x15 for that chassis, so a little brightness might be perfect!

Thanks for your help!


Price: $45.00
Select Matched Pair for amps that use 2 of these tubes and Matched Quartet for amps that use 4