NOS RCA 6V6GT VT-107A Blackplate (Singles and Matched Pairs)

RCA 6V6GT Vt-107A Blackplate
RCA 6V6GT Vt-107A Blackplate

***If these show as "out of stock" we'll have more as soon as we get caught up on testing/matching.***

This is an incredible find. The "holy grail" of 6V6 tone. 1940s WWII vintage RCA blackplate 6V6GTs in good original boxes. Top "horseshoe" retainer for added stability of internal parts and added resistance to rattle and microphonics. 48 hour burn in. Limited supply. Optional cream colored original RCA "US Army Signal Corps" boxes at a discount from the red and black boxes.

Quartets available in CREAM colored boxes only and are available on a special order basis. Due to the number of raw tubes and time required, wait time can be up to 2 weeks before shipping. *** Also note that these SHOULD NOT be used in Jim Kelly amps. The only tubes than can handle the high plate voltages in these amps are JAN Philips 6V6GTs.

These tubes are a difference maker for sure….thanks Mike! This is for a 3 Monkees Orangutan amp that uses four of these.


Absolutely floored by the pair of these I just put in my Milkman...they've ruined new production tubes for me. Thanks as always. Alex

I just wanted to chime in to say a big thank you.
> Put them in my Marshall Studio 15 and the transformation was amazing.
> Gone were the boxy mids, shrillness and boomy low end, and it became a full
> bodied sweetness that I really did not expect. The amp went from an ok
> practice amp to a great recording amp. Frode

I've installed 2 of your matching 6v6 blackplates in a 64 Fender Custom
Deluxe (no reverb) and a 57 Custom Deluxe reissue. The tone is outstanding.
Glad I found you. Have ordered a couple of extra sets just in case.

These in my 65amps Empire are wonderful. Creamy. Give it up easily and go from clean to Beano effortlessly. The Mullards I got from Mike are also stellar with more headroom and terrific crunch - wonderful rock tones.  Max

Everything sounds mind blowing better in my Fender 57 Custom Deluxe than the stock stuff, its crazy how much it improved the tone of my amp. The breakup is much more buttery and easier to grind into, less farty and hard sounding...  so happy. Ron

I really like those rca blackplates.  Excellent excellent tube.    Do u have 2 more?  Jon>>> Yes, we do!

Mike: Ive had my PRRI for about 6 yrs and its the best amp I've had.the only change I've made was to put a Weber FT150 speaker in it . I was relatively happy with it. It still had the original tubes in it.(groove tubes from electro-harmonix) I purchased the Rca 6V6 GT BP  tubes and have been playing them for about a week . HOLY S*%#(!T  . What a difference. It aint no placebo effect . It sounds great  . Thx for the tubes . No worries here.


Thanks for the great tubes! My amp tech says he's never seen closer matching tubes, ever! They sound great in my Deluxe. Thanks again.

John Gillespie

Hey Mike, they arrived! Installed them in my Tungsten Crema Wheat and could not be sweet!! The amp is like a living thing when it's dimed!

Thanks a bunch!


The pair in my Tweed tremolux sound incredible!

Thanks Mike!

Hey Mike,

Ok, so the new RCAs are outstanding.   The 5751 is great as well. I'm very, very happy. Thanks for all your help.


Thanks again, by the way they sound great in my Clark tweed deluxe clone!

Mark Miller

Price: $80.00
Select Matched Pair for amps that use 2 of these tubes and Matched Quartet for amps that use 4