RFT 12ax7 ecc83

VERY nice guitar amp tube in this price range. These break up earlier and are a little less bright sounding than other 12AX7s. Perfect for Marshalls, Voxes and clones of these amps. Sound nice in Fenders and Fender clones too. Limited supply on hand. Various tube markings including United, Pinnacle, RWN, Tesla, Siemens, Dumont, Amperex,Telefunken, etc. WHITE boxes.

These are so much better than the stock tubes in my Diesel "Herbert" amp, I can't believe the difference!These things smoke! I'd like one more please. Dave Gerlach Hi Mike...I retubed my Carmen Ghia head preamp section today with what you recommended. I just wanted to say it sounds amazing...betyter than I would have hoped for. I know NOS RCA'S are great, but I believe the RFT made the biggest difference. A great tube and a great choice. Thanks for the help. Richie Mike: The RFT 12AX7 removes the harshness that I was experiencing from the amp (Dr Z Maz Jr). Just as I had hoped. Even more impressive is the fantastic breakup / drive of this tube. What a fantastic tube for a blusy drive sound, and it still produces a fantastic clean sound when not overdriven. It really suits me that it is a bit darker overall than the Tung-Sol I had in V1. I doubt there is a better tube in this pricerange. This tube was an excellent recommendation. Thanks, Eirik Mike: I'm sure you hear this a lot but these RFT's are just the best in my old Boogie (MKIII Simulclass head). Never sounded better! David France
Hi Mike,
I just tried out the RFT 12AX7 you sent in my Presonus tube preamp and it sounds great! Very smooth overdrive, nice detail, and quiet...
Thanks again for another good tip!
Greg Passler
Actually, the RFT sounds friggin great! in V2 of my Two Rock Em Pro. Very textured, for lack of a better term.
Thanks again for the great tubes and the lightning fast reply
I put two of these in my Matchless Spitfire and they made a HUGE difference. They warmed up the amp and make it break up sooner...exactly what I was looking for.
Bill Hayden
Hey Mike, Got my RFT today and put it in V1 in my Mesa Mark III Coliseum and it sounds fantastic! Have Tung Sol reissue in V2 and JJ in V3 an V4 and Sovtek LPS in V5. Really thinking about getting 2 more RFT's for V2 and V3. JJ's aren't really doing "IT" for me anymore, after hearing the RFT, there is NO comparison. Would like to thank you for the help, my tone is getting better! Any ideas or comments?
Thanks again, Tim Hi Mike, First off, HOLY CRAP! The new RFT you sent is amazing! This Fargen has been my favorite amp for almost 4 years, and yet I've struggled sometimes with the 80s mode (hot-rodded JCM800) at the higher gain settings. Basically, no matter what preamp tube I tried, I needed to dime the gain to get what I was looking for and that introduced some fizz when playing at home levels (it disappeared at higher volume levels). Well, this RFT does everything it was advertised to do. I get the same gain levels at 7.5 on the dial vs. 11, and it's less compressed and more muscular at the same time. And no fizz! I was a bit worried that it might sound less dynamic or harmonically rich than other tubes in the JTM45 and JMP settings, but it exels there, too. I'm impressed. I can't believe I waited this long to make this investment in my amp. Thanks, Brett

Mike - My Roccaforte amp loves the RFT ECC83, so i am back for more. Thanks!

Mike, Thank you for recommending the NOS RFT 12AX7 to warm up my 65 Amps Empire. It has made a big difference. I like it a lot. Ed

Mike, I just put it V1 of my 51 5150 50 watt head. Wow sounds killer really warmed the amp up yet kept the clarity. How many more those you have in stock? Rich

Price: $85.00