NOS Reflektor 6n14n-EP Russian EL84/7189A Equivalent (AKA 6P14P-ER)

SKU: 6n14n-ep
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Just in! Direct from The Motherland! :)

AKA 6P14P-ER. NOS in EXCELLENT original boxes, as shown. Super rugged and great sounding Soviet Military EL84/7189 tube that works great in ANY EL84/7189 amp without the pin 1 connection issue some modern amps have with NOS EL84s. Rated for 500 volts on the plates and 5,000 hours versus 800 hours for US EL84s.

Excellent in Vox, Matchless, Fenders, and clones. Excellent original boxes.


I've had mine in my HW AC30 for a week now. Really like them. I'm not sure how much power tubes impact tone in comparison to the pre amp tubes, but my ears are perceiving less harsh highs and more mids with the 6P14P tubes compared to the stock Rubys.


Yes .....I do like the ep's.
They are worth it.


Greetings Mike,

The tubes for my AC30 arrived, are installed and sound terrific!  Your suggestion as to particular tubes was excellent.  I have a backyard party gig next weekend and I am confident I will get many compliments as to the sound of the amp.

Thanks for the great service and quick shipment.

Larry Marseglia

Thanks Mike. I like the Reflectors /EL84. Great choice.


Price: $40.00
Select Matched Pair for amps that use 2 of these tubes and Matched Quartet for amps that use 4