NOS Philips/Sylvania 5AR4 (Mislabeled 5V4GA)

SKU: jp Philips 5AR4

NOS Philips/Sylvania 5AR4s which are mislabeled 5V4GA in original boxes. Some labeled Sylvania, others RCA. Dr Z people, and others, love these!



Mike: The JAN Philips/Sylvania mislabeled 5AR4 is in the little MAZ 18 replacing the stock Sovtek. Holy crap!. I think this little amp is a good value. Does a lot well, nothing really bad, not great either. Except this, what, 89 dollar tube took it a full notch up. Yeah, touch is better, but tone is far more refined and nuanced. Don't know what it does when the amp is full out screaming but for my tastes it's maybe the best improvement I ever got from a tube.Such a shame the "rectifier tube doesn't make a difference", isn't it? ;) Rick M Mike: My amp tech scoffed at the thought of using this tube in my (Fender amp). But when I asked him to try it and compare it to the JJ and we had a listen, he became quiet and threw the JJ in the trash. Jeff

Price: $110.00