NOS Mullard CV4024 (12AT7)

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Mullard CV4024 12AT7 Macintosh C-22 Macintosh MC275
Mullard CV4024 12AT7 Macintosh C-22 Macintosh MC275

Manufactured in Mullard's Mitchum factory in the early 1980's. Nice military stock. Original white military boxes. Try one of these in your phase inverter or reverb driver socket (only if your amp calls for 12AT7s in these positions) in your Fender amp for a real upgrade in tone! Also superb in audiophile equipment (Macintosh), tube mics, mic preamps and studio equipment.

Hi Mike, ..... 

The real surprise was the NOS Mullard CV4024/ECC81/12AT7. I had never imagined the selection of a better 12AT7 in my amp's PI position could have such a significant impact on tone, but this tube certainly does. I have one of the dreaded "red knob" Fender Super 60 amps which doesn't have a great reputation, but I've always gotten good tones out of the drive channel. Even so, no one has ever accused this amp of having classic blackface tone. When I powered up after putting the Mullard in I was stunned that it actually does now have a classic blackface vibe. Outstanding!
This was my first foray into using NOS tubes, I see now why they are so much better for TONE.
Mike Hales
Weatherford, TX

Hi KCA On the phone you recommended the Mullard CV 4024 for me as a switch for a 12AX7 at V1 in my Hot rod deluxe. I was looking at another tube and you convinced me to try this 4024. Wow ! I can immediately see why they say NOS tubes are better. My first experience with NOS. I had a JJ 12 AT7 in Vi which sounded really good. I read that this is the George Benson mod on a HRD. So I just put in the Mullard. It sounds really better, bigger , defined creamy bass , warm punchy mids and angelic highs without a hint of any harshness. Plus, then the whole tone package seems to be wrapped in a " blue neon glow" , is the only way I can describe it, it's beyond words . I will call you and get another one of these to save in my tube stash. Thanks for the advice and good service. I play a 1965 Epiphone Casino , sounds very good ! Aloha, Tom

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