NOS Sylvania 12AX7/A/WA Long Plate

Price: $55.00

NOS long plate version in original boxes. Some labeled Sylvania, some branded with other names (RCA etc), some JAN (joint army navy) and some commercial versions.

NOS Brimar CV4004/ECC83/12AX7

Price: $95.00
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*** ALL BUT THE GRADE 2 (higher than average microphonics) specimens of these are sold out. Here's the same tube that arrived in bulk packaging, and with a different CV number. https://www.kcanostubes.com/node/808#overlay-context=content/nos-sylvani...


NOS JAN GE 5751 (1980s) ***SUMMER SALE!*** 2 for $80!

Price: $45.00

Number one choice for guitar amps where lower gain and smoother tone is required. These remove harshness in some guitar amps.ᅠᅠ