NOS Brimar ECC83/12AX7

Price: $105.00
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NOS in original box. Labeled and boxed as CEI. 


Here's the same tube that arrived in bulk packaging, and with a different CV number. https://www.kcanostubes.com/node/808#overlay-context=content/nos-sylvani...


We're lucky to have found more of these super cool British Military tubes. NOS in original white military boxes. "Box Plates" version. Comes with it's own cool pin protector (just pull it off with your fingers!)

NOS JAN GE 5751 (1980s) (***** SALE $50 *****)

Price: $50.00

Number one choice for guitar amps where lower gain and smoother tone is required. These remove harshness in some guitar amps.ᅠᅠ


Price: $140.00
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Original equipment in '60s Fender guitar amps. Classic tube for all Fender and similar amps. Some have alternate markings such as Amperex, GE, Motorola, Silvertone, etc.