Price: $95.00
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NOS. One in stock labeled and boxed as True Tone.  Original equipment in '60s Fender guitar amps. Classic tube for all Fender and similar amps. Some have alternate markings such as Amperex, GE, Motorola, Silvertone, etc.



NOS Mullard ECC83 (Relabeled)

Price: $195.00
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Two in stock labeled and boxed as GE.

Original equipment in '60s Marshalls. Great in Marshalls and other British style amps. All made by Mullard with Blackburn "B" factory code, but relabeled by other major tube companies like Philips, RCA, GE, Amperex, Telefunken, etc.

JJ ECC803S $12 (12AX7) *** SUMMER SALE 2 for $24!! ***

Price: $14.00
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Long plate.  Big upgrade from the dark, tone sucking, JJ ECC83S. Bulk packed with generic, or "Tesla",  ECC803S markings. Great in vintage and vintage style guitar amps. Not recommended for high gain amps.