$100 Gift Certicifate

Price: $100.00

For your musician friend or relative. $100 gift certificate for any combination of products and shipping cost. Be sure to include the recipient's name (and address if possible) in the comment section of the order form.


Price: $85.00

VERY nice guitar amp tube in this price range. These break up earlier and are a little less bright sounding than other 12AX7s. Perfect for Marshalls, Voxes and clones of these amps. Sound nice in Fenders and Fender clones too. Limited supply on hand. Various tube markings including United, Pinnacle, RWN, Tesla, Siemens, Dumont, Amperex,Telefunken, etc. WHITE boxes.

NOS Mullard CV4024 (12AT7)

Price: $45.00
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Manufactured in Mullard's Mitchum factory in the early 1980's. Nice military stock. Original white military boxes. Try one of these in your phase inverter or reverb driver socket (only if your amp calls for 12AT7s in these positions) in your Fender amp for a real upgrade in tone! Also superb in audiophile equipment, tube mics, mic preamps and studio equipment.

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NOS JAN GE 5751 (1980s)

Price: $55.00

Number one choice for guitar amps where lower gain and smoother tone is required. These remove harshness in some guitar amps.ᅠᅠ

NOS RCA 6V6GT VT-107A Blackplate

Price: $80.00
Select Matched Pair for amps that use 2 of these tubes and Matched Quartet for amps that use 4
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***If these show as "out of stock" we'll have more as soon as we get caught up on testing/matching.***

This is an incredible find. The "holy grail" of 6V6 tone. 1940s WWII vintage RCA blackplate 6V6GTs in good original boxes. Top "horseshoe" retainer for added stability of internal parts and added resistance to rattle and microphonics. 48 hour burn in. Limited supply. Optional cream colored original RCA "US Army Signal Corps" boxes at a discount from the red and black boxes.

NOS JAN Philips 6V6GT

Price: $60.00
Select Matched Pair for amps that use 2 of these tubes and Matched Quartet for amps that use 4
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Great military grade 6V6GT for all 6V6 needs. Original boxes. Standard matching within 3mA.


Mike: These are a BIG step up in tone from the stock tubes in my Dr Z Z28. Thanks! John Hey Mike, Got my tubes in last week and put them in my '59 Tweed Deluxe. Great sounding amp now. All original....nails the Neil Young sound now!! Thanks for the help!! Michael


Price: $24.50
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Long plate.  Big upgrade from the dark, tone sucking, JJ ECC83S. Bulk packed with generic, or "Tesla",  ECC803S markings. Great in vintage and vintage style guitar amps. Not recommended for high gain amps.